VisioList Plugin Installation

There are 2 ways you can install plugins.

- The first is to upload a plugin zip through the admin plugin manager if your server allows it. Some plugins require database changes, these will be done automatical for this method

- The other is to unzip the plugin file and manually uploading into your plugin folder on your ftp. Its best if you name the folder where you upload it in the same as the plugin zip. If the plugin require database changes you will see a install icon in the admin plugin manager.

Plugin activating

There are different kind of plugins, thus different ways to activate them.

- When uploaded through the plugin manager.

--- Don't require activating.

--- Other plugins are deactivated by default and require turning them on via admin settings.

- When uploading through ftp.

--- Activated after clicking the install button on the admin plugin manager page.

--- Other plugins are deactivated by default and require turning them on via admin settings after clicking the install icon in the plugin manager.

Plugin Deactivating

Again, there are different kind of plugins, thus different ways to deactivate them

- There are plugins which can be turned off via admin setting. This is most useful for temporary deactivating. Deleting them via the plugin manager has the same effect for now, but if you want to reuse them later and they made database changes, like the "Affiliate Tracker", you will see your members lost all of their referrals if you upload the plugin at a later time, as deleting is permanent.

- Plugins like "Clearn Urls" where it doesnt really matter. So you can choose to deactivate it in the admin settings or to delete it through the plugin manager. It still has the same functionality if you reupload it. As just a "on" or "off" is saved in the database.

- Plugins which alter the database in anyway, be it like "Clean Urls" or "Affiliate Tracker", but can only be deleted. The plugin creator may have forgotten to provide proper functionality, or it just isnt included in the current version.

- Plugins that can only be deactivated ( deleted in this case ) through the plugin manager, as they dont make database changes.

Plugin Updates

- When a plugin gets updated, please do not delete the plugin through the plugin manager, if not stated otherwise its enough to simply upload the plugin zip again through ftp or plugin manager and the files will be overwritten.

Doing otherwise may lead to unexpected results, like mentioned before e.g "Affiliate Tracker"

If you are unsure about anything, especially plugin deactivating, its best best to ask in the corresponding topic

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