VisioList Banner Ad Rotator

VisioList includes a built in banner ad / content rotator with several "zones". This was setup to be as flexible as possible with the following features:

- Count number of times a particular banner is loaded (impressions)
- Automatically disable after "X" number of impressions
- Full support for flash, javascript, HTML and plain text
- 3 global zones, 1 zone for stats page only
- unlimited # of ads in each zone

Adding new code
To add banner code into rotation simply open your admin panel, open tools menu, and click "Add Banners". Give a name to your ad (Banner Name), this is only to help you identify which ad is which and will not be publicly viewable. Next, paste your banner code any HTML will work. Next select the zone you want this ad to be displayed in (Zones A,B and C are global. Zone D is ONLY called on the stats page). Next set the number of impressions you would like the ad to be disabled after, so if you want to show the add 500 times then have it stop, simply enter 500.

Positioning Your Zones
Every skin is different and you need to be able to place these zones anywhere you like. To do this, simply open your wrapper template and move the {$zone_a},{$zone_b}, and {$zone_c} tags wherever you want those ad zones to show. With parabola skin by default {$zone_a} is a 468x60 spot at the top, {$zone_b} is the top of the sidebar, {$zone_c} is after the content. These are all site-wide (global) zones that will be displayed on every page. {$zone_d} is found in the stats page after the site details and before the statistics.