System Requirements

  • PHP from 5.2.6 and up

    Including PHP 7.x

  • MySQL 4.1x and up

    Including MariaDB

  • Apache Web Server With Mod_rewrite enabled

    Optional but required for clean URL's (*Also works with nginx)

  • PHP Compiled with GD Library

    Image manipulation

  • PHP compiled with FreeType

    For captcha option

  • PHP compiled with cURL or fsockopen with OpenSSL

  • PHP compiled with ZIP

    For installing plugin bundles

  • PHP Compiled with mb_string and iconv

    For multi language characters

SuPHP or FastCGI PHP Handlers Recommended

If you plan on making use of the admin plugin upload feature, we recommend you configure your server to use suPHP or FastCGI as your PHP handler. If your configuration runs as the apache user (often something like "nobody", or "www") then you may experience file ownership and group problems when attempting to edit or delete these files via FTP where you are logged in as your account user.