VisioList Administering Members

Once you have logged into your VisioList admin area the first button is "Manage Members", from here you can approve, delete, and edit your members.

Approve New Members
Depending on your "settings" you might need to approve all new signups before they will be visible on your VisioList. This is done using the "Approve new members" function. If you have any members who are not yet activated you will be able to preview the members website by clicking on their website title. You can also click the "edit" button to view their site description and other details before deciding if this website should be activated on your list or not.

Approve Edited Members
Again depending on your settings you may want to approve edits members make to their listings before those changes go "live" on your VisioList, this will help prevent the ol' "bait and switch" cheating technique. For example, a member joins with a site that appears to be related to the subject of your VisioList, lets say childrens games... so you approve them. Then, once approved they change their URL, title, and description to something well... not so related to your VisioList like adult content. These approval features can help ensure your visitors are never "surprised" with a link to a website that they may never forgive you for.

Manage Members
The manage members function allows you to edit any of your members information, or delete them entirely. From here you can manually make a member a "premium member", update their screenshot (if your using the VisioList screenshot API), or make the user active or inactive. You can also email the individual user or ban them. When banning a user VisioList allows you to ban by user IP, user email address, URL, or username. For ease of use, VisioList allows you to "search" your members, simply start typing any part of their URL, username, title, or email address and the results will automatically be thinned out to those matching your request.

Manage Premium Members
VisioList enables members to upgrade their accounts to a "premium" status by making payment through Paypal or being manually upgraded by the admin user. The admin can easily manage the premium members by using the "Manage Premium Members" function which will only show those members flagged as premium.