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Basti submitted a new resource:

Screenshots - Add "Screen Shots", captured still images of your members websites

Add "Screen Shots", captured still images of your members websites.

Locally hosted images! no more 3rd party remote hosted services slowing down your sites load time.

Define the size of images. Small, medium and large. Use these anywhere in your VisioList templates (stats pages, ranking tables, sidebar/header/footer etc).

Setup is easy.

1) download the zip file attached to this thread and upload it through your admin panel - plugins manager
2) Go to and...
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This plugin works very nice but there is a slight issue that could easily be patched. Ive found there are issues with urls that have referral parameters eg /?=32244. Script can hang or generate a black screen. Manually stripping the referral parameters works but then you have to stick them back in. The screenshot.php should really do a parse url and dump the parameters before passing for a screenshot. I see there is a url cleanup done for the images filename but not for the url screenshot passing


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Basti updated Screenshots with a new update entry:

Bug fixes

  • Due an update in VisioList 1.6, members with an ampersand in url would be broken. This update fixes that
  • New template, rankings_layout.html for the rankings. This change will automatical reflect on your list. Its same html as before, just that its an layout now so you can modify it if needed.
  • The screenshot for the details page was changed from automatic placement due manual placement. Add {screenshot} to stats.html
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