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Screenshots 1.5.1

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  • Due an update in VisioList 1.6, members with an ampersand in url would be broken. This update fixes that
  • New template, rankings_layout.html for the rankings. This change will automatical reflect on your list. Its same html as before, just that its an layout now so you can modify it if needed.
  • The screenshot for the details page was changed from automatic placement due manual placement. Add {screenshot} to stats.html
  • Install file was still using hardcoded MySQL function. Changed to our MySQLi wrapper to support php 5.6+
  • Also supporting now urls with a hash in the url
The link for the user control panel ( Update screenshot ), now reside in its own html file to provide the option to override it using the plugin child feature.
Changed the update url in the info file to reflect our new plugins page.
This update is required if you want to run plugin version checks from within your admin panel, as the old update url is obsolete.