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Add "Screen Shots", captured still images of your members websites.

Locally hosted images! no more 3rd party remote hosted services slowing down your sites load time.

1) download the zip file attached to this thread and upload it through your admin panel - plugins manager
2) Go to and request your API key (active VisioList license holders only, may take up to 24 hours)
3) go to admin -> Change Settings and insert your API Key
4) If not already present add the following tag into the html files where you want screenshot to appear
- stats.html
- table_row.html
- table_top_row.html
- table_row_premium.html
- table_top_row_premium.html
Screenshot sizes:
In the plugin, if you want to modify the sizes or the html, edit details_layout.html, rankings_layout.html
3 sizes are supported
- {$screenshot_path}.png displays the large one
- {$screenshot_path}_med.jpg mediaum one
- {$screenshot_path}_small.jpg small

You can now generate screenshots for individual members sites by clicking the "ScreenShot" link in admin -> Manage Members

You can also bulk generate screenshots for all members sites at admin -> tools -> screenshots
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Latest reviews

I really like this plugin. Works well on most sites. If a site uses flash headers or something like that it wont show up in the screenshot, but other then that the plugin is really cool.
Must have, works great.