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Vote Message 1.6

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Basti submitted a new resource:

Vote Message - Display a success or fail message for the incoming hits ( Hits In / Votes )

This plugin will display a success or fail message for the incoming hits ( Hits In / Votes )

- Success is styled green telling the user he voted successfully for "user title"
- Fail is styled red telling the user he voted today allready for "user title"
- both messages include a return to website link and a view stats link as well as the hours until next vote would be valid

- Upload through plugin manager and paste {$vote_message} in wrapper.html where you...
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Basti updated Vote Message with a new update entry:

Version 1.4

Allow for any data to be displayed which belong to this user
This update allows you display any data the user holds in the database ( statistics excluded ), previously only 3 were allowed.

Due to this, the old template tags did changed. If you made use of child templates for this plugin, please update the following tags in the files, else simply ignore and reupload

vote_message.html and vote_message_fail.html

{$voted_for_user_title} becomes {$vote_message_title}...
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I hope my question is correct here.

I don't really understand where to use the {$ vote_message}.
If the button on the user page is clicked and you come to the top list, I want the message to appear if the vote has been counted or not.
I downloaded the plugin and installed it.

Where do I use the command?

Sorry, I don't quite understand the whole system yet :-(



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Place that tag somewhere inside wrapper.html where you want the message to appear, usually above {$content}


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Hello Basti.

Unfortunately it does not work.
I inserted it.

       <div id="main">
            {$ vote_message}


Another problem is that if a button is clicked that is on the registered member's page, no gateway page appears for voting.
The gateway page only appears if you click on Voten from the Toplist inside

Maybe the two problems are related, I don't know.

// Edit:
The site is still in maintenance mode because too many things are not working.
So that you can see, I'll send you the admin data as a message ;-)

Would be great if you can see.
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