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Vote Message 1.6

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  • Updated the session management a bit to be conform with VisioList 1.6
minor update for MySQLi support
Allow for any data to be displayed which belong to this user
This update allows you display any data the user holds in the database ( statistics excluded ), previously only 3 were allowed.

Due to this, the old template tags did changed. If you made use of child templates for this plugin, please update the following tags in the files, else simply ignore and reupload

vote_message.html and vote_message_fail.html

{$voted_for_user_title} becomes {$vote_message_title}
{$voted_for_user_url} becomes {$voted_message_url}
{$voted_for_user} becomes {$vote_message_username}

This allows us to display any data, you take the original template tag and prefix it with vote_message_

So, lets say you want to display the users description also, the tag would be
This update fixes a issue if any other plugin started a session already with
Since this one also does this, it triggers a php notice that a session already started.
A proper check has been included and updating is highly recommended. Especially if you use latest Facebook plugin version 1.4
Changed the update url in the info file to reflect our new plugins page.
This update is required if you want to run plugin version checks from within your admin panel, as the old update url is obsolete.