How-to: Create your Facebook Application


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Settings does look right.
Do you get the token filled into the input in the admin settings after "allow permissions" ?
And did you used fanpage ID, not url in admin? Iam not sure a url does work


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OK i have just tested again, and i have the same. Maybe i not updated the docs correctly or something did indeed change.
But looking at the docs, the data access expires actually isnt important for us

The following permissions do not expire:

  • ads_read business_management
  • configure_page_transactions
  • manage_pages
  • pages_manage_cta
  • pages_manage_instant_articles
  • pages_messaging
  • pages_show_list
  • publish_pages
  • read_audience_network_insights
  • read_insights ads_management
And scopes our app uses are: manage_pages, pages_show_list, publish_pages, public_profile
Which are all within the data access expire exclude list, except for public_profile, but that is just a standart of the facebook login, so also not important, as the app posts even when your logged out of facebook

So all in all, should be good to go.

Maybe you can mark the expire date in your calendar and report back a day later or so if all still works?


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Nono, you shouldn't have to do anything. The token itself never expires, and the data access expires should not matter for our type of app at all


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Great, the 2 permissions we need, got deprececated, awesome :D
Yea, you can't use this feature then for now. Need to make a new app myself and see what we need instead

If you want you can try this and see if that works.
In the plugin file admin_settings_build_page.php find
$permissions = array('manage_pages', 'publish_pages');
and replace with
$permissions = array('pages_manage_posts');
Looking at docs, this should be the only permission we need now, give it a try and let me know please
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