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StopForumSpam API integration 1.2

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Yes provides lists, provided by fellow forum admins, of the vile scum suckers that persist in spamming forums with their, often illegal, scams, exploits and other annoyances. We provide these lists so that other forum admins dont have to endure the never ending job of having to moderate, filter and delete their rubbish.

This plugin will check all join form submissions against this database using the provided API service. Email address, username, and IP address are checked before allowing the submission through.

The admin panel allows you to paste your StopForumSpam API key into your Security Settings, once you have done this a new option "Spam API" will be visible on the "manage members" page under the "blacklist" pull down. Once clicked, you will submit the spammers username, IP, and email address for future blockages.

1) download the plugin
2) Upload the plugin via Admin > Plugins
3) Login into your Ftp and go to plugins/StopForumSpam-0.2/spambots
4) CHMOD 777 the /spambots/ directory **used to track spam attempts
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Latest reviews

Just installed but it seems good if it does what it purports (oh and getting the API key was easy for me (?))
Good plugin, but it's a pain to get the API.