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Callback Vote Check 2.0

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Credit for this plugin goes to LemoniscooL . Originally it was a paid plugin but he stopped the support and handed it over to us. So here it is for free and a bit extended

What does Callback Vote Check mean?
The Callback System catches the votes, checks the database if the user voted already today, and then calls a script located on your members server telling the script if that person voted already.
The script on your webmasters server will then be able to reward the voter automatically with whatever he wants, for example virtual currencies or downloads etc.

1) Postback function: This plugin adds the possibility for your webmasters to check weather a user of them voted already on that day or not and according to that reward them with something for example game currencies or a download etc.
  • Explanation and example script for the toplist member are located at or if you use no clean urls. You should add this url to your menu so your users know what to do
2) IP check function: Ability to simply visit a specific url on your list to see whether a specific ip voted already or not. It can be used by the member or yourself

1) Upload the .zip file via the plugin manager inside the ACP
2) open skins/your_skin/gateway.html and find
and change it to
3)If you use clean urls add the following to the rewrite rules located in .htaccess
RewriteRule ^callback-guide/ index.php?a=callback [L]
4) Place {$form_acf_callback} to edit_form.html, join_form.html, join_form_existing.html

If you used the previous paid version. Either fully uninstall it or drop me a PM with ftp/cpanel/admin data so i can update your previous version, as there are quite a few changes in the code.
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