Upgrading From Version 0.6


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I know, I know.... I'm way behind the times.

I keep getting a new subscription, downloading the upgrade packages but finding too many problems along the way to continue.

And the price keeps going up.

It's all so frustrating.

I think the latest version I downloaded was 1.6 and now we're at 1.9 and VL 2.0 is in the pipeline; although it has been for a while.

This is where I stalled last time out: It's Just Not Happening.

Maybe I should try and get to 1.6 before paying to get even more upgrade versions I can't use.

A couple of questions:

Would I be able to bring the old tables in if I did a fresh 1.6 install? Or has table structures changed drastically?

Would a VL-Fresh-Install-1.6 work with the old database if I replaced settings_sql.php and button_config.php with my old ones?

How about if I rename the old folder and install in the original folder name to keep all my URLs, or does all of that change in upgrades?

I look forward to your thoughts. Maybe a generous discount for a long-time (Joined: Feb 19, 2013), frustrated customer.


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Hi Michel, the price increase this past year was necessary, its the first and only price increase in 15 years, I hope you understand.

I think your best bet is to let me do the upgrade for you at no charge, that way it gets done properly in the most efficient way possible.

How does that sound?

Also, if you have an active subscription the price has never changed. ;)


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I'm back and hope the upgrade offer still stands. ;)
We're now moving servers. Have backed-up the old database.
If we had the branding free plug-in in the earlier version, I take it that gets upgraded.
Did VL 2.0 happen yet, or are we still looking at 1.9?
No big deal, just wondering.


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Still looking at 1.9
Offer still stands, but you will need an active license.