Still having problems with sendmail


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Well, it seems to be intermittent. Sometimes when I sign up as a user I will get the welcome email and sometimes I don't. Also, I never get the email to my admin account telling me if a new user has signed up.

The reason I am posting about this again is because I installed Hesk Help Desk software and it sends mail no problem. Also, I've contacted my hosting company and asked them to check things out and they replied that everything on their end is working find.

So, I am sorry to bother you about this again but I don't know what else to do.


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Please do not repeat threads, it makes it harder to help, cause all the info you provided already is spread accross threads
So, keep it this time in this thread please.

did you followed what i last said regarding spf and dkim records? That it works sometimes and sometimes not means mail itself is working ( or your host has serious issues )
that only some mails arrive for users ( ignoring admin for now ), is quite a clear sign to me that the emails gets blocked by the mail provider cause no proper spam headers are added

Before you go further, please make sure you have that spam protection in place
I would assume your admin mail account is blocking incoming mail
many mail accounts do this when no SPF and DKIM anti spam mail dns records are present

Aditionally you can check this yourself, if you check in cpanel "Email Deliverability" page.
In there it list your domain which you can click on the little "manage" link

In there it should tell if you have the spf and dkim records setup or not
Do not trust the word of your host for that. For many providing support reduces their profit received from already cheap hosting and therefore often give cannon responses. Check for yourself


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OK... They have added SPF and DKIM records for my domain as per my request.

um... Now what? :confused:


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You would have anti spam email headers, so emails not get blocked by providers or land in spam.
But they clearly made something wrong

this is part of the email headers i got from joining ( in spam folder )
Received-SPF: none (domain of does not designate permitted sender hosts)
dkim=perm_fail header.s=default;
You have NO SPF record, or the host isnt knowing what they doing. The actual email server is not in the list of permitted SPF senders.
You do not use your domain to send emails, but an email server (, which means that that domain/ip has to go into the spf record as well
You do have a DKIM signature, but it seems it is invalid, as the check returns "perm_fail". That usually happens when DKIM is setup in a wrong way

If you have cpanel i could have a look. Normally you can do this all yourself within cpanel


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Basti, I'm so sorry...

Yes, If you want to look at my cpanel I'll give you the information.


I think Protonmail was the problem with not receiving the notifications. I changed my admin email address and signed up for a new account and I got all the emails. The user sign up mail went to the account I signed up with and the admin notification email went to my new email address.

I'm so sorry to have put you through all this. I feel like a total idiot.

I'm sorry. It was protonmail this whole time.