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It might be slightly overlapping, but as far as I can tell it does not exist - yet...

I want the opportunity for members to add their adresses to their various social media sites: Facebook, Google +1, Instagram, Twitter, Instagram.... These should be able to be reached as small icons in the table on the front page or somewhere at the statspage. Note, that I am not interested in the feature of being able to vote or comment etc as exists today, but for visitors to be able to just reach specific social pages that members may have.


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No need for a plugin :)

1) First off you would create your custom join fields from within admin panel. A Simple textfield with the validation method of URL/IP
2) Now once you created the field the page will tell you what the template tag is for this field so it will display.
3) In table_top_row.html or what you simply do this
<a href="{$the_template_tag}" class="social-link"><img src="path_to_facebook_image_or_so.png" alt="facebook" /></a>
And now each member will display this image link. Now what about members who dont filled in their social links? We dont want want that to display if they not filled it out.
So lets hide all links which has a empty href attribute and a class of social-link
Add to user.css
Code:[href=""] {
  display: none;