Skype Integration

Morus ,
License Active

Just a simple thing for those that want to use Skype as a point of contact. Nothing special but can be added to #social_block as additional contact point. Simple go:
and choose button you want (I like the one showing online/offline status), place your skype username (if you dont have one, just create it) copy the code and paste it to your .html file (where you want it).
Sample code:
Skype 'My status' button
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<a href="skype:rajmund8?call"><img src="" style="border: none;" width="182" height="44" alt="My status" /></a>
Maybe Mark or Basti can create plugin/field in admin panel for it cause I can't :)

I strongly believe it can be done for any type of communicator. Its like the mod for forums (SMF for example)

P.S. not sure where that post should be placed, so move it to the proper one if not adequate.

P.S.1. Generally it might be added to custom field plugin as well.