Screenshots problem.


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Hello, i have a problem with screenshots.

If a username has more than 1 website added, the screenshots stuck.
For example, same account (addoge) has 3 websites.


For first site (ad-doge) screenshot work , but for the next 2 loading till error appear.
In conclusion if a user has 2 sites, for first screenshot work but for second website don`t load.
What can i do?



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That is very odd, I am not able to duplicate this. If you generate all screenshots does that work?


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I have a similar problem.
No screenshots have been taken for two days.
There were no changes from my side.

The page tries to load, but then stops after about 1 minute.

It doesn’t work individually or renew all of them.

Where's the problem ?



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I understand that you need a license to use the server for the thumbnails and for that we have a key to check.
However, file updates should be available, at least for project tracking, just for script security for example :/

Is it possible to have this file, even in MP?
For the moment, I use another service for my thumbnails

I'm waiting to renew my license for the new version of VL which should as previously announced on February 15, 2021 ?!?!


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if there is a security issue it would be released immediately.

There is no rush for 1.9 since it contained major rebuild of the premium member base and that section needs to be done right. Basti has been away and has some work he wanted to do on it, since he wrote 99% of that new section. I dont want to release it until its ready as I'd rather not have a buggy release.

The current download bundle has several bug fixes applied from the original 1.8 release but they are minor, installer/updater fixes mostly so do not constitute a new release.