question before buying


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hello, im interested of purchasing your script but i have a question
use the same script? or at least it has the addons?
im asking htis becouse im looking for a similar script, he is using the same script like
and i can change the layout/skin as much as i whant? including button and all things
or, thank you


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Hello, you also sent this via the contact form which I replied to a couple minutes after you sent it. I will post my response here as well.

Re: VisioList Contact
Hello, no that site is not running our script. VisioList is very new on the market and has not actually been "officially" released yet. VisioList is a commercially maintained version of Aardvark Topsites with several new features.

You can change the layout as much as you want, provided you have HTML/CSS understanding. Buttons are just graphics, so you can customize them as you like. I cannot speak for "all things" as I dont use those topsites, but if you have specific requirements all of the source code is open so you can code any features yourself if you have PHP knowledge, or you can hire an experienced coder to make the modifications for you.

if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask