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Paypal TokenTo aquire your token: Login to paypal, click "profile" then click "My selling tools" and from there "Website preferences". And then enable "payment data transfer".
I would like to request that you update the information about how to acquire a Paypal token.

I think Paypal has changed quite a bit since this was posted and I can't figure out if I am doing this right or not. Actually, I don't think they use tokens anymore.

I don't know... Help please?


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Yea, they updated quite a bit, some stuff is hard to find with their new layout.
But we will not update it at this point anymore, cause we replaced PDT in favor for IPN in next version


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I do have a business account... But there is no token on that page. It is for Login and Security.
It's easy to upgrade your PayPal account to business.

Login to your PayPal account and go to settings.

Screenshot (20).png

Scroll down till your find "Upgrade to a Business account".

Screenshot (19).png

Remember, when you upgrade to business you will start paying fees.


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Here is the token for me. Once on that page, the docs we have should match more or less. If not post again please, not at home and bit hard with mobile