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Overall Stats 1.4

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Basti submitted a new resource:

Overall Stats - Overall Stats Page providing info about total hits in/out/pageviews

This plugin creates an Overall Stats Page along with an Header menu item for it.
The Overall Page will show statistics from your members added together.

A great way to show visitors and yourself how popular your VisioList is.

19.12.2011 - Page design updated to match design on members stats page. Also the tags to remove pageviews stats if you have pageview counting not enabled, are included.
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This plugin does not add the link, it adds the functionality. Normally VL installs the link upon script install, but looks like that got removed, for whatever reason. Its a default plugin so should do that, and did before

The link where you can find the overall stats is ( if clean urls are used ) or ( no clean urls )
You can add that link manually into your menu from admin panel, hover over menu item "Content" and select manage menus