Need help with installation and porting


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I purchased the script last week and am still working through the documentation.

Is there a service here for installation and porting from another "custom" site? The main things I need moved over from the previous site are:
  • Category
  • Site Info
  • Additional screenshots (need plugin done?)
  • Additional signup and display fields (need plugin done?)
  • Incentive callback function (there is a plugin in the support forum, but need help configuring/porting current callbacks)
  • News Articles (attached to each site)
I also need a rewrite/redirect script that'll redirect all my previous traffic to the new script.
Is there a guru here who can help me?

BTW, the site I'm looking to move to VL is currently at



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since this is a custom site, we would consider this a custom job. You can send a private message to Basti for a quote if you like.