Minimum PHP for Visiolist


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What's the minimum PHP version can Visiolist run on?

My hosting support said this.
What PHP version does this script need to run on? I've modified PHP versions in PHP selector and got rid of MySQL error but there are other errors in each version. I don't think it's related to the domain change, the script may just need the correct PHP version.


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Visiolist should run with everything smaller or equal php 7.3
7.4 was not yet tested, at least on my end, so im not to sure on that.

When you switch php versions make sure the proper php extensions are also checked. That is most likely your issue, or some legacy plugins using php functions not anymore supported in newer php. So make sure your plugins are up to date also.
If you have the options dont choose anything below 7.3, they are all end of life. So choose 7.3 atm is the best option

Beside that, without an error, not much we can do here