Managing Menus


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Okay, so I went to Admin >> Content >> Create Custom Page and I created a "FAQ" page.
After that I went to Admin >> Content >> Manage Menus and then clicked on the tab labeled "Create New Menu Item"
I created a new "FAQ" Menu item and put the URL in and clicked go...
It took me to a page where it lists all the items in that menu. I wanted to move the FAQ menu item up from the bottom of the page but every time I try I get the error, "there was an error with the sort". It just won't let me sort my Menu.

Screenshot from 2020-07-24 01-19-25.png


I wanted to add a link to my FAQ page from the menu at the Top of the page. How do I add my FAQ link here?



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From what i see, the new default skin not makes use the admin menu function. Just add the link manually.
The menu admin page might also go away in a future version, because its just to limited to support all the different needs different people have. Inserting whatever link you need manually into wrapper.html is just way easier