Making blog for Visiolist


If you ever wanted to have your own blog on your visiolist this topic will give you the way to make it easily.

I was thinking of making a blog for my toplist, where i would be able to post articles.
Instead of making it on a new folder, with another admin panel and another platform i came up with an idea.

I said... i will use the current page system. It has everything i need,
title,editable url, SEO tags and finally highly rich text editor.

What it does not have to fit 100% my needs? A thumbnail for each article/page.
So i made a thumbnail system, which actually lets you set up a preview image for each article.

Its not that hard to make the thumbnail system, we use simple php to upload the files to a specific folder and rename them as the id of the page, when the file is uploaded we save on a new column on the database its URL.

Then my next step was to create, a sidebar plugin which will SELECT from the database the 5 latest articles and its data.

Easy enough copying the already made sidebars i managed to parse all the data from database to vars and then to show them on my page. ( on create, i've also added the creation_data to be saved on the database )

Then you will need to use CSS to adjust the text's etc and your custom made blog is almost ready.
And that's it, in less than 2 hours you can have your own integrated blog system on your VL.

Taking this to the next level would be to create a custom page/a=blog
which will also load the data on a main blog page. ( i am working on it, will be ready today )

Also we can handle the URL's with .htaccess to be SEO friendly.

Disadvantages of doing this?
1) you cannot create anymore normal page's, but for me is no problem since i manage my custom pages with plugins. ( you can also add a boolean config is_post_for_blog on creation and SELECT only pages which have it 1 or TRUE to solve this issue )

Admins maybe on 1.6 you can integrate a copy pasted PAGE system but renamed ^_^


This is great! I need a blog/article plugin pretty bad for my Visiolist. To not have a separate blog system would be very nice. I already added a forum & banner system so don't want to have to manage a 4th platform.

Mark has one developed but last I heard it wasn't going to be released. I hope I'm wrong but a blog/article system of some sort separate from the custom pages would be a very valuable add on. I don't know about other list owners but I get more requests for sponsored posts vs. banner advertising requests so a place to put those w/in Visiolist would be awesome. Premium plugin? ;);)


Staff member
Hey Folks, I will release the blog plugin shortly... the problem is it is not very "mature" so may require a fair bit of support. I need to decide to release it as premium plugin (supported) or free release (unsupported), given my schedule the past year its been hard to commit to this one.


Thanks Cajkan. I didn't see the link but guessed it easily enough on the demo.

I love the thumbnail and sidebar popular articles that vnevermore did. Those kind of additions easily make it a payable product for me. Mark I know it's a very much a time issue for you but you'd have at least me as a paying customer if you released it as premium (w/maybe those as possibilities) :)

My hopes would be members could submit blog posts as well as maybe guests or at least the admin on behalf of guests. There's a demand for more content on my site from members and non-members. I get more requests for guest posts than anything else.