I secured my site with an ssl certificate and it broke.


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I'm sure this question has been answered elsewhere but I have searched for ssl and encryption and I can't find the answer anywhere.

I had my site all set up and found out that my hosting company gives free ssl with the hosting and so I had them set it up and now my site doesn't load. It says it receives too many redirects.


Searched again for redirects and found the start to the answer to my problem...

I have tried to use https:// to go to my site and then it loaded. But I still can't log into the admin area to update my url's from http to https.

Maybe I can do it through cpanel but I don't know what files to edit.

Does anyone know or can anyone please help me with this dilemma?

If my site ain't feeling good, ain't NOBODY feeling good!

Please help.

Thank you for your time.
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Ok, I fixed it all by my big boy self. WOoHOo!

I did it through my hosts cpanel and here's what I did...

Logged into cPanel >> phpMyAdmin >> Databases >> Clicked on the visolist database for my installation >> On the left column I click on VL_settings >> Clicked "Edit" to edit the file >> went down the list and every time I saw an instance of http I changed it to httpS

Now my site loads correctly and I can log into the admin area again.

Wow, I almost feel like an actual webmaster.


I'm so happy...


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Great job! Yes, the site_url would need to be set to https before forcing https redirects :) Normally this woudl be done in the admin settings before switching over.