How to stop review spam


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Looked through the plugins and couldn't see anything that stops review spam. What are the rest of you doing to stop the spammers from leaving review spam? Using version 1.2.


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Hello nootkan,

Im sure lots of users have the same problem or they didnt noticed that yet.

My solution:
Go into the admin panel - > Change Settings - > Member Settings - > Check this field " Require new reviews to be approved before being listed "
Go to your skins folder, find rate_form.html, before you edit rate form, make sure you add into " child " folder.
You can now completly remove all the code there, or you can add some tricky words for the spammers :)

For the users who didnt know about this review spam, you can check:


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Cajkans solution is perfect :)

you can also remove sources/rate.php for added good measure.