Working On It Historical IP logging


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With the current setup it is currently nearly impossible to verify cheating if you don't catch it on a day to day basis. I would love it if we could have a historical IP log that has (and this should be a setting) the last 30-60 days of the IP log. It should include:
  • IP
  • Username that was voted for
  • Timestamp
  • Whether it was considered unique or not.
  • Whether the vote was a success or not.

This way if someone is using a proxy or similar method to bump their votes you can go through and see the IPs, search for them and warn or ban cheating sites. Currently there is no real way to catch a cheater without verifying on a day to day basis every IP in your database manually.

I think this could also be a better way to compare to the statistics logs.


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Question for anyone interested in this, should we display some of this data on the users details page (Hiding some of the user IP address)? only in the admin panel? or both?


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If this feature were to be developed, it would be interesting to see it also on the member's part. It would allow the member to see that we can check this kind of data and maybe he would abuse these tools less?