Implemented Exact Join Date


I would love for admin to be able to see exact join-dates on all members at the same time. As it is now I am sitting with a member that I for my life can not remember if I put on inactive on her own request or if she just now wanted to join again...

Or another work-around: Not to show members I have inactived together with totally new members on the main admin-page, but on a separate page....


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Ah a request we forgot to put into 1.0
Was planned to show what kind of inactivity it is on "manage inactive members".
And show the missing inactive status ( status 3 ) on edit member, as it stands now the inactivity you see there is "admin made member inactive". So "inactivity due no hits in" is missing.
You can expect it for 1.1
And i might post a updated edit member here tomorrow, as its rather critical not to have all 4 status there

For now to see what that member is by looking into phpmyadmin VL_sites table for that member. The active colum shows you what she is. if "2" youve set here inactive, if "3" she had to long no hits in/pageviews


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Ok upload the zip content file ( edit.php ) to sources/admin/ overwriting the old file.
This will now show you in the "This site is" at the bottom a fourth option and that is if their status is 3 ( temporary inactive due no hits in / pageviews )

So now if here status is "Inactive ( not listed ) it means you edited her account and set it inactive.
If its the other inactive, it means she is just inactive until she send a hit in or pageview again

For vl 1.1 ill improve it a bit to take into account your admin settings. If your setting for inactive days is 0, no need to show this 4th option so you not accidently set his status to that when editing