Error 500 and denied access


After I upgraded to 1.2 a while back I started to get a error 500 message when trying to access the different stats-page. Obviously that may be fixed by updating to 1.3, but atm we have not the time spared for that, and I have a hunch the problem would be still be there. Suggestions? I have a vague memory of Basti helping me out with a similar issue with my other toplist....?

Just to be sure there is no compability issue I was going to make sure that all plugins were updated properly. Then all of a sudden it says that I do not have permission to access the site with plugins. Why? Have my license expired?


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error 500 are "internal server errors" which means something on those pages is being forbidden by your web hosting environment. Your error log should give you a clue, your host should also be able to provide more information. If both of those avenues are not helpful, start with your .htaccess file, rename it and disable clean URL's then see if those stats pages work fine. If so, you might try copying your .htaccess from your other list or comparing the 2 .htaccess files to see if an addition parameter was added to make things work nice on your host.

Your license has expired, you can renew via the members area. If you believe you have made payment and our records are not accurate please send me transaction info and I will reactivate your license right away. When i looked up transaction history with your email address via swreg the last transaction was 2011-04-15 15:53. But if you ordered again with a different address it could very well have slipped through the cracks.
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