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i have the default team enabled and have some view problems on smaller devices
for some reason as soon as i have a banner in place it shows on places we don't want

Screen Shot 02-08-21 at 04.41 PM.PNG
Screen Shot 02-08-21 at 04.42 PM.PNG

i have tried to remove the banners and than its ok but whit banner in place it shows like this
i hope some one of u can help me



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Your video tag has a fixed width of 728px, this should likely be set to 100% width instead.

I must admit I have no experience with these new mpeg banners but I would suspect on mobile devices you may want to hide all of the user banners to save your visitors bandwidth.

You could surround the entire banner with this (to hide on extra small screens):
<div class="d-none d-sm-block">


Like so:
<div class="d-none d-sm-block">
    <a href="{$url}" onclick="out(this,'{$username}');" rel="nofollow">{$banner}</a><br>
Full documentation on hiding elements on specific devices can be found here:

Does that help? I do think Basti had a fix for this to auto resize the banners, if so it will be included in version 1.9