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To avoid the management of many sites proposed by visitors who become inactive, with the impossibility of joining them because the registration email is false or other.

would it be possible to ask (option possible from the admin panel) the user to verify and validate his email?

The status of the member could be equal to 9 and would go to 0 or 1 according to the choice of the webmaster to validate or not the proposed sites once the validation carried out?

Unvalidated sites (active = 9) will then be automatically deleted after 7 days for example!

This possibility also allows you to reach webmasters without error with or without the newsletter :)


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Next one i'am not sure, while this is certainly possible, and not to hard by itself, it need some testing to make sure the new status ( i would like to not introduce another status to be honest, so needs some other way ) works everywhere and not causes issues with plugins or other features.

Also, it would becomes a settings mess and confusing for users ( yes many already confused by the base "inactivity") if we have 2 different "inactive" delete features. The basic, delete after inactiviy and delete unvalidated accounts

Dont know exactly, something is possible for sure, but maybe not in the way you proposed


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While looking and searching for other possibilities, I found a column in the VL_SITES table that doesn't seem to be used (openid), it is just initialized to 0 at the registration of a site (join.php and join_existing).
It would be possible to initialize it to 1 at registration if a parameter of the admin asks for confirmation of the email?

In the ADMIN part, you need a page (example: premium or inactive page) presenting the members who have not confirmed and let the Webmaster choose to retry to accept or delete this member.

If validation is required by the admin, it would be possible to view in the admin part (approve) the value of openid (0 or 1) to check whether the member to validate or not his account. It will be up to the admin to validate or not this member (no automatic deletion)!

For the member, he receives a confirmation email, the problem is the code to send that will have to be stored somewhere :/

The advantage of this method, you don't change the functionality of the "active" column :)

The problem remains for the case of an automatic validation, no putting the site on hold while waiting for the confirmation of the member of his email address.

The best remains (in my opinion) the creation of a status specific to this function (give a specific value to active) to process it and to create a control column to check the return of the confirmation.