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After a few days of customization script, css + plugin and visuals.
this is my site:
This is a toplist in French ^^

"Classement" can mean "rating" in French
I rely on the domain to promote the site ...

If you have ideas or have found bugs
thank you to tell me any problems or improvements ...

@ + + +
Eric (French)


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looks nice :) good job

ZONE D is showing on the stats/details page you might want to remove that or put an ad there.

the "vote" button on the stats/details page is out of position

the footer is red but still has blue borders, this would look better if the borders were dark red instead


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Good luck with your site, i would suggest you Headings to use black or any other color, coz red means something important / alert / warrning.

Ive inspected your site fast, and into stats page ive found ZONE D as text.
You can customize little bit more on stats page like breadcumbs, comments, social media etc...


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I changed the color for the text (header) Red => Black
I changed the color of the vertical bar: Red => White
I added the needto votes (FB, G+ and Twitter)
I removed the "AREA", it was for my tests with the banner D ^ ^

I will continue customizing the detail page displaying comments or FB

@ cajkan "breadcumbs" => I do not understand, what is it?

Thank you for your feedback on my website.