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Disqus Comments 1.6

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Added another setting for the rankings comment count, so it can enabled/disabled.
Default is enabled. if disabled will not load the required javascript to speed up pageload
  • Install files used hardcoded mysqli_num_rows, changed to our database wrapper
  • Updated Disqus javascript code to a newer version
  • Fixed an issue where ranking javascripts for comment count loaded multiple times
  • The javascript now not loads unless you have set your disqus username in admin settings
  • the details comments moved into their own tag {$disqus_comments}
adds MySQLi support to installer
Move javascript for the rankings comments count into it own template so it can be modified via child feature.
Changed the update url in the info file to reflect our new plugins page.
This update is required if you want to run plugin version checks from within your admin panel, as the old update url is obsolete.