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Contact Form 1.7

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Added bootstrap classes to HTML template
The email still included the spam control fields. These really are not needed in the email
Added support for recaptcha
  • Upload zip in plugin manager to have the database changes applied automatical. If you upload via ftp, click the install icon afterwards
  • If you have a modified sendmessage.html via child template, please compare the new parent template and apply the changes to your child file
  • Enable recaptcha for this plugin in admin settings -> Contact settings ( default disabled )
  • Support for php 7.0+
  • Added proper reply to headers, previously reply to was your own email
  • Moved the success message into a template sendmessage_finish.html to allow for better styling
this update adds a new filed to the HTML template and some further processing to allow for SMTP and additional spam prevention.
Changed the update url in the info file to reflect our new plugins page.
This update is required if you want to run plugin version checks from within your admin panel, as the old update url is obsolete.