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    VisioList App

    Can VisioList be turned into a mobile app? More people are on their phone now a days. And voting would be easier and convenient.
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    Graph on Stats

    Is there a tutorial on how to change stats with graph instead of numbers? What source code/programs that can integrate with VL? or A paid plugin?
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    Your session has expired. Please try again.

    Hi, I had the same issues before. at the manual edits for VL 1.7 follow the instruction.
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    Long Description + BBcode

    Let me know how when you find out. Thanks.
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    Long Description + BBcode

    Yes, I just copied and pasted from my website to the editor window.
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    Long Description + BBcode

    Any updates?
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    Long Description + BBcode

    I just added the plugin and followed the direction. I added some words and click submit.
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    Long Description + BBcode

    When I write something on the Long Description I get this when I submit. How do I remove/fix this?
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    Global Payment Provider for VL

    Reason I was asking is because I wanted a different checkout for members and also 2Checkout declined my app lol
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    Global Payment Provider for VL

    Can VL integrate Paymentwall, Stripe, Perfect Money, or Skrill for premium checkout?
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    RSS Plugin Error

    Big error.
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    RSS Plugin Error

    When I enable this plugin and add the link, I get this error.
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    How-to: Create your Facebook Application

    Prefect. It works.
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    You Tube Plugin ?

    Add this {$form_acf_youtube} to join_form.html, join_form_existing.html, edit_form.html
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    Minecraft Now - Top 100 - Top List

    Just another Minecraft top list. I just kept it simple. Minecraft Now - Top 100 - Top List Minecraft Now - Premium Membership