What's the Difference with the Two Top Purchase Options

Discussion in 'Pre Sales Questions' started by freecashpro, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. freecashpro

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    Hi, I already purchased the top option but I've always wondered what the difference was between the two options below? (I hope I chose correctly?)

    What would be the benefits of choosing one over the other (I'm confused... 'no subscription to what (on the second option?))

    Is this meaning that the top one is a recurring yearly automated charge and the second option is a one time deal (and after the year if I wanted to continue access to support, etc then I'd need to manually renew?)
    Screen Capture #848 - \'Signup Form\' - visiolist_com_members_signup.png
  2. soccerki

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    If I am assure, the second option is so you don't get charged for the next year. Meaning Regular License, you have for one year, next year you get automatically charged. Second License, No subscription, etc... Is where you don't get charged for the next year of VL.

    Hope this sums up your question.
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  3. Basti
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    Yes, both of you are correct. And if iam not wrong, the subscription also only possible if one has a linked credit card in paypal
  4. freecashpro

    freecashpro Professional Web Developer & Coder

    Hmm, ok, so I guess we're all saying that they are the exact same item except one re-charges at the end of the year term and the other doesn't - great (all I wanted was to make sure that was the only difference (and I made the right decision when purchasing)) Thanks!

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