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Discussion in 'News' started by Mark, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. Mark
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    Mark Administrator Staff Member

    Dedicated servers split to required proportions of CPU/RAM between users.

    Using the power of cloudlinux your VisioList traffic will not affect other users on the system, and your list will not be affected by other users.

    If you have been using topsites for a while you probably are already aware of the issues running on a shared host can present. I have personally hosted over 40,000 topsites and was forced to shut down the topsite hosting program due to spammers and abuse, it simply became impossible. I have learned from the past, and with CloudLinux I am ready to move forward on this front once again after about 3 years break from this market.

    Hosting prices will be fair and will depend on the size of your list and features (stats buttons, rank buttons etc), servers will not be oversold so you are guaranteed the CPU and RAM you are paying for.

    There are many advantages to internal hosting, including faster troubleshooting as we have root access to logs and data, not to mention guaranteed optimum server compatibility and we will likely offer an included upgrade package to ensure your VisioList installation is always up to date.

    If your interested, drop me a PM or reply in this topic. Depending on the level of interest I may be able to set this up in the next week or so.
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  2. cajkan
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    cajkan Active Member

    Thanks ive heard lots of Cloudhosting companies

    and i would like to get some prices like host / domains etc...

    Thank you
  3. Karl
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    Karl Member

    This is good news it will be good to work with a hosting provider that knows what is required.
  4. Bart

    Bart Active Member

    Also interested if the price is right :)
  5. Mark
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    Mark Administrator Staff Member

  6. Bart

    Bart Active Member

    Mark, with all due respect people could get a cloud server for the price your offering.

    20 domains (Unlimited with a Cloud server)
    50GB Space (Same as a Cloud server)
    200GB Bandwidth (5TB with a Cloud server)
    Unknown (3Ghz Dedicated with a Cloud server)
    Unknown (1.88GB memory with a Cloud server)
    Managed Services (Unmanaged Cloud server)
    $83/m (Cloud Server $80/m)

    (Compared against

    I'm not saying your service is not worth it I am just saying that maybe you should take into consideration what your competition has, i do understand that a Toplist site requires a lot of processing power but that could be easily achieved on a 3Ghz dedicated CPU cloud server, at the same time with your hosting you manage all the technical aspects of it, this is my opinion only and not a low blow to disadvantage you, i just want to know what is special about your service compared to other services to have that kind of price mark.
  7. Mark
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    Mark Administrator Staff Member

    Yes comparing a large fully managed shared hosting plan to an unmanaged dedicated server is apples to oranges. With web hosting, prices vary greatly from provider to provider, I have been in this business for 12+ years, and never have I aimed or claimed to be the cheapest. I know what my costs are, my staff have full benefits and are paid substantially above minimum wage, my server hardware is enterprise class not consumer class, and my datacenters are military grade multi homed facilities.

    If you need 50GB of space, 5TB of bandwidth and have the ability to manage your own server then the choice is obvious, getting your own server is almost always best if your budget and requirements fit.

    We also offer fully managed dedicated servers for those looking for a bigger presence, unfortunately server inventory changes faster than incoming sales so I do not list these on the website any longer.

    When talking about dedicated servers, consider these costs: Cpanel $20/month , Cloud Linux to handle virtualization and resource allocation $14/month.

    $34 per month and we have no hardware yet! For most people this is cost prohibitive. Hosting a handful of sites in our environment gives pro active monitoring, security hardening, and enterprise level environment for a fraction of the cost and effort.
  8. Bart

    Bart Active Member

    May i then ask what datacentre you are with and what are the server specs and how many clients do you put on every server?
  9. Mark
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    Mark Administrator Staff Member

    Liquidweb, Limestone Networks, Servint and Rackspace are the main datacenters
    Servers are usually Dual Xeon's with 8-24 GB RAM
    On average, about 100 sites per server, Topsites server would be limited to 20-30 or so.

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