VisioList 0.5 Released

Discussion in 'News' started by Mark, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Mark
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    Mark Administrator Staff Member

    Today we are proud to announce the release of VisioList 0.5, featuring new ad/content rotator, template editor in the admin panel, several bug fixes, security patches, and some other minor improvements.

    head over to the downloads section and get your copy now
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  2. Karl
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    Karl Member

    Nice one look forward to trying it out.
  3. CraigKoz

    CraigKoz Member

    Yeah cant wait to give it a try
  4. Anna

    Anna Member

    Like what I see so far. But I would love to get a de-coding of which areas actually is A,B,C and D as well as size limitations for each one! ;)
  5. Mark
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    Mark Administrator Staff Member

    no decoding required... open wrapper template and move the 3 tags ({$zone_a}, {$zone_b}, {$zone_c}) anywhere you like, they can be in different locations for every skin.. its entirely up to you where you want them to show. {$zone_d} is only used on the stats page.. but again you move it anywhere you like in stats.html. And there is no size limitation, you can put whatever size banners you like anywhere you like.
  6. Mark
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    Mark Administrator Staff Member

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  7. roadrunner

    roadrunner New Member

    you can add :
    $LNG['rank_hits_in'] = "Classement par entrée";
    $LNG['rank_hits_out'] = "Classement par sortie";
    $LNG['user_cp_banner_error_max_dimensions'] = 'Vous avez dépassé les dimmensions maximales!';
    $LNG['user_cp_banner_error_max_filesize'] = 'Vous avez dépassé la taille maximale!';
    $LNG['user_cp_banner_unknown_extension'] = "Extension inconnue!";
    $LNG['user_cp_banner_invalid_file'] = "Contenu du fichier non valide, essayez un gif ou jpeg.";
    $LNG['user_cp_banner_copy_fail'] = "Copie non réussie!";
    $LNG['user_cp_banner_file_size'] = "Taille du fichier";
    $LNG['user_cp_banner_success'] = "Copie réussie";
    $LNG['user_cp_banner_max_size'] = "Taille maximale (KB)";
    $LNG['user_cp_banner_max_width'] = "Largeur maximale (pixels)";
    $LNG['user_cp_banner_max_height'] = "Hauteur maximale (pixels)";
    $LNG['buy_button_2co'] = 'Payer avec une carte de crédit';
    to french translate
    the $LNG['plugin_new_members'] = "Derniers membres"; don't want to do anything for me (to change the label for : newest members on the left)

    i see in user_cp , the selected category is not select for me (category selected is blank but i add 7 category), little bug i think
  8. chrizti

    chrizti New Member

    There seem to be so many updates. How easy is it to update?

    I saw before where it was OK to use each license on 3 urls, which is what I was planning. I just don't want to have to update daily unless it's somewhat easy.
  9. Mark
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    Mark Administrator Staff Member

    yes VisioList development is very active at the moment (twice a month or so), and updates are very easy, just overwrite the files.
  10. Karl
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    Karl Member

    The new feature are just what I have been waiting for thanks.
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