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Discussion in 'Core Feature Requests' started by Hubi, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. Hubi

    Hubi New Member

    Hi all,

    I want to suggest a new plugin where admins can give a reason for rejecting a members request. It would be great to choose between some pre defined messages like "Your website does not follow the rules" clicking on "rules" or "your website is still under construction" clicking on "maintenance" included in a pre defined text message like:

    "Hello <membername",
    we want to inform you that your members request on has been rejected due to this reason "Your website does not follow the rules".
    Please re-register if you are able to stick to our rules. Otherwise please feel free to contact the webmaster:".

    It would be great to define all of these reasons and texts in the acp.

    What do you think?
    Thanks and take care ;)
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  2. Mark
    • Staff

    Mark Administrator Staff Member

    I think its a good idea, though rather than using pre-defined I personally think a simple input box would be better for the admin so they can send a more specific message.

    anyone else have thoughts on this?
  3. cajkan

    cajkan Active Member

    Yeah can be useful, but i think before you use this - you must enable approve new members.
    So they will recieve their anwser, if they are accepted or not.
  4. Basti
    • Staff

    Basti Administrator Staff Member

    Obviously yea. Might as well be something for the core? While we can add a hook there, i think this would fit nicely on the "delete member confirm page"

    You know, when you reject, you actually delete the member, so you call our delete.php page
    "you sure you want to delete the member xx / these xx num of members"
    "Want to provide a reason? please specify a short notice below"

    Which when entered, will invoke the email function before the actual delete from the database happens
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  5. Mark
    • Staff

    Mark Administrator Staff Member

    agreed, I think it would be a good core feature. I do request text input instead of pre determined choices.
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  6. KaitoX

    KaitoX New Member

    I think ideally the plugin (or core update) would best serve if there were options for canned replies as well as custom. I for one would get tired of typing out a rejection letter for websites with obnoxious audio upwards of 20 times a week.

    If the problem is specific offer specific feedback. If it is a canned issue give a canned reply.
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  7. Mark
    • Staff

    Mark Administrator Staff Member

    ahh, I guess it depends on your niche, from my experience in my 10+ years of running many large and small topsites, I have probably not rejected 20 users who were not outright spam (spam should not get deletion notice)
  8. Hubi

    Hubi New Member

    I'm very happy that everyone feels good about my suggestion :D I like the idea that you wanna add it to the core. I think that makes sense. However, I would suggest to find a way for configuration of the decline-notices. For me it makes sense to choose between variables that webmasters can configure in the acp like:
    • "Spam" means: "Your Account has been detected as a spam robot."
    • "Construction" means: "Your website is still under construction. Therefore we have to decline your request"
    • "Rules" etc...
    • "Visitors" etc...
  9. Hubi

    Hubi New Member

    Will this be part of the new version?

  10. Hubi

    Hubi New Member

    Hey guys,
    just a little follow up on this particular request.

    Thanks guys!
  11. Basti
    • Staff

    Basti Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for the headsup :) Was needed. Guess ill be moving it to the core request section, since its pretty much decided to be in the core.
  12. Hubi

    Hubi New Member

    Thanks! I appreciate it :)
  13. Basti
    • Staff

    Basti Administrator Staff Member

    Update on this issue. After trying this out we feel its not worth it, at least not now.
    Unfortunately there is more to it then a simple email, since there is a mass delete function as well and we cant simply bomb the delete function with xxxx emails. That would not be wise and a step back in development.

    So.. this needs some more consideration and ideas/thoughts, therefore i am changing the status to "Considered" for now
  14. kapearl

    kapearl Member

    I''d love to have even just a basic rejection email. As a courtesy to people who took the time to apply. I get lots of follow up emails from people asking about their status. Just deleting them leaves them hanging.

    Having custom rejection emails was a great featured in Toplistx. I used it constantly. I had pre-made email templates and I could choose from a drop down before I hit reject on a case by case basis, never came across needing to use it for a mass rejection.

    If I had a submission that was potentially approvable, I could use the custom rejection email to tell them- close but you won't be accepted until X is changed. Many people would apply again so I wouldn't miss out on a sign up or have to bend my rules to accept them prematurely. Spam or just awful applicants I have no problem just deleting but for the honest and hopeful applicants a follow up as to why they weren't accepted was enough during the rejection process.
  15. Mark
    • Staff

    Mark Administrator Staff Member

    It seems like in the case of
    this sounds like a nice way of doing it, our entire email notification/template system needs an overhaul. I'll be sure to factor this in.

    indeed, the idea of "close but you won't be accepted until X is changed" might be best handled by leaving the member in the approval queue and having an email thread. That way once they are compliant you can simple approve them rather than having them fill out the join form again.

    I'm not sure how much of this will be doable in the current state, I think we may need to wait for a release with the much needed update to the email template handing.

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