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Discussion in 'General Help' started by majaxlt, Jul 7, 2018.

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    Hello. I get an "non numeric value" error every time I go into any listed website's stats.

    My source/details.php looks like that :

          $category_url preg_replace('/([^\p{L}\p{N}]|[\-])+/u''-'$TMPL['category']);
    $category_url trim($category_url'-');
    $TMPL['category_url'] = urlencode($category_url);
    $TMPL['meta_description'] = htmlspecialchars($TMPL['description'], ENT_QUOTES"UTF-8");
    I am using Lithuanian language for descriptions, titles, etc..

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  2. Basti
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    Basti Administrator Staff Member

    The issue is caused by this line
          $stats[0] = $stats[0]+0;
    Are you perhaps using php 7.1? Would explain why you get a notice here.

    This is some legacy code, which does absolutely nothing at this point in time. Please remove it for the time being and the error should be gone.

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