How to fix "mb_internal_encoding()" error

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    Here's my DIY guide how to fix "mb_internal_encoding()" error.
    1. Login to WHM and search for EasyApache and click on EasyApache (Apache Update)
    2. Click Start customizing based on profile
    3. Keep the Apache Version the same and click Next Step
    4. Unless you need to update don’t change the PHP Version and click Next Step
    5. Skip the Short Options List so press Next Step
    6. On Exhaustive Options List, Search (Ctrl+F) for Mbstring and check ✓ it
    7. While your there make sure you have GD, FreeType, Iconv, cURL and Zip checked
    8. Press Save and Build
    9. Check yes to Recompile Apache and PHP and select I Understand
    10. Build time takes about 10-15 minutes and your done!
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    Very nice, thanks for this. Luckily most hostings have the mb functions enabled

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