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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mark, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. Mark
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    Mark Administrator Staff Member

    Hello all, today I am pleased to start a topic about a new plugin that is in the works that I would like your feedback on.

    "Guest Blogging" has been a hot topic for the past few years and it seems it would make a great add on for VisioList, adding quality content to your sites is more important now than ever before. This will be a fairly big module and we only have a very rough outline of how its going to work, so if you have suggestions or feature requests... now is the time.

    Some features already on the list:
    - Posts are added from the user control panel using wysiwyg editor
    - Members can add "X" number of posts per week (customizable from admin)
    - New posts require approval from admin panel
    - Recent guest blogs are linked from the stats of the member page and optionally the rankings tables
    - You can view all posts tagged with "keyword" or by author, or by date
    - Each post gets its own page
    - Display all recent posts in sidebar/header/footer etc

    Why Guest blogging? It seems that a single link on a page full of unique content is more valuable that a link on a page full of other links... nofollow attribute or not (that part is up to you).

    So if you have any questions or requests for this awesome new feature, lets hear em!
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  2. cajkan

    cajkan Active Member

    Looks great plugin Mark,

    By doing this, we allow our users to promote their websites even more.
    Would be cool if we could rate the posts, and from there we could make small feature, hot topics etc...

    Cant wait to try out this feature!!!
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  3. Anna

    Anna Member

    Something I wanted a long, long, looooooong time - glad you finally saw the potential in it :p
    Will there be commented allowed? I think a "most popular topic" by comments is better and more stable than rating!
    If possible I would love an option to set the footer of the post specificly to show some info on the writer. Say screenshot and short description in the table etc.

    You write "in the works". I am gonna be the troll here and ask: Time estimate? :rolleyes:
  4. Mark
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    Mark Administrator Staff Member

    I dont recall this feature ever being requested before, its certainly not in the features requests forum. I have always saw the value in creating unique fresh content on these lists ;)

    Commenting will be integrated in some form, but this the perfect time to bring it up! I like the idea of ranking by most comments, at least as an option.

    Time estimate: end of this year.. that way when we actually get it done it will be early instead of late.
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  5. Basti
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    Basti Administrator Staff Member

    So, the plugin is progressing quite nicely.

    One thing on which we like to have some user input on is the url.

    Currently we using

    What we want some input on in detail is "/blog/" part. Anyone used a external blog at all installed at ?

    If so, and even if not, what do you guys like the most? Any other ideas?
  6. Mark
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    Mark Administrator Staff Member

    I vote /post/. Or /blog/
  7. cajkan

    cajkan Active Member

    Yes, /blog/ and /post/ are awesome idea.
  8. Basti
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    Basti Administrator Staff Member

    I think personally post is a bad idea, doesnt sound bad when you actually view a post, but what when you are on the post index page? Find it kinda strange there :p
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  9. proxydesign

    proxydesign Visiolist-Fan

    Sounds perfect!

    This would definitly fall in love...a need for Visiolist! Looking forward!
  10. Anna

    Anna Member

    Oh as a random thought, just to complicate things is this a possible feature: "Normal" members and premium member posts? To distinguish them a bit? Maybe even make PM possible to post as featured posts? And if FP control how many, which one of each member should be featured. To sort ranking sites based on latest updated post?
  11. Mark
    • Staff

    Mark Administrator Staff Member

    we will have some premium user integration like this along the way for sure, dont expect it early..

    Also I am not sure what FP is? ahh nvm Featured posts... :)
  12. Anna

    Anna Member

    Are we there yet? ;) This would be the best Xmas gift EVER if you guys released it before 25th!
  13. Mark
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    Mark Administrator Staff Member

    I have it running on one of my lists, if you would like to help test I can send it over for you. BUT keep in mind it is a beta release and not all features have been implemented.
  14. Mark
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    Mark Administrator Staff Member

    Alright we have this plugin in the hands of a couple loyal users and we will work together to make it rock solid.

    The final release will be posted sometime early 2014 and will be likely be a part of our "premium plugins" suite.

    No other beta testers are needed at this time.
  15. leonor

    leonor Active Member

    something new about Blogging plugin?
  16. xgcell

    xgcell Member

    Yes any updates? Been silent for half a year now:confused:
  17. Mark
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    Mark Administrator Staff Member

    a couple of users are using this and I am gettign no error reports, I suppose we could release this as a premium plugin anytime. I'll talk it over with Basti and see how we want to handle this.
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  18. xgcell

    xgcell Member

    Alright let me know what you decide. Would like to use it free or charge doesnt matter;)
  19. xgcell

    xgcell Member

    Any updates to this guys? I still would love to have this feature, free or paid.
  20. kalle801

    kalle801 Member

    Is this made already?

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