Drop /category/ long breadcrumbs

Discussion in 'Core Feature Requests' started by cajkan, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. cajkan
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    cajkan Active Member

    I found that website/category/category name looks a bit long and the longer it goes its bad for google

    So I've wanted to suggest instead of /category/ simply to drop that so it would look like:

    changed to

    It would look way more clean, and I've been analysing all my competitors and I've found out that they are using that kind of stuff.
    So maybe an plugin or anything to remove that /category/

    Personally I belive would be very useful for everyone.
  2. Mark
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    Mark Administrator Staff Member

    The problem is differentiating the URL's. The first segment dictates the "source", if we make categories top level segments then additional overhead would be need to check if its a category or not.

    consider the example:


    This change would be substantial and would break all skins, plugins, and many core functions. Its simply not worth it considering these category URL's are short enough to not be penalized by Google.

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