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  1. joana16

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    Currently many top are working with credit system as this allows faster transactions since the user can leave the saved credit.

    How it works, the user buys the credits that are available within the site to be used as the user wishes, either by hiring a banner, scheduling a banner, signing a VIP subscription and even participating in more targeted auctions.

    I believe that it would be something that would make the system much more complete than it already is and certainly many many renew their licenses and even new hires.

    I'm sorry for English, I'm using google translator.
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  2. Basti
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    Basti Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, that is something on our todo list for soo long already.

    Im finally working on converting our payment system as it needs a lot of changes due certain countries ( mostly EU ) regulations
    - paypal IPN instead PDT to support proper notifications of failures, chargebacks etc
    - tax options
    - auto generated invoices based html layout or something, so you can edit ( as i know each country has a different invoice setup )
    - Since you also have to collect name and address of payer, also needs new checks and join fields to support this
    - proper logs for admin and users
    - And ofcourse CREDITS ( or however you wanna call it, can be edited )

    Credits also give the advantage, that you can easier extend your list with new functions requiring payments without having to build your own system for the payment.

    So yea, lots to do, but im on it.
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  3. joana16

    joana16 New Member

    I really believe that it would be an update that everyone would enjoy and it would certainly bring more support period renewals to gain access to this update. Something that would be interesting would also be to add at least one Brazilian payment method because here we do not use much paypal, would recommend the intermediate pagseguro with another option of payments.

    It is another suggestion, let's see if more people are interested in the idea and who depending on the number of people, joining each interested and each collaborating with a value, ends up being possible to speed up this type of function.
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  4. Mark
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    Mark Administrator Staff Member

    I had actually experimented with a credits type system in the past and it worked fairly well even though was just a really rough attempt.

    One of the other advantages is credits can be "earned" by hooking into other functions, so for example if the user shares to social media they might earn 50 credits towards premium upgrades etc. Credits could be earned with any number of profile fields being completed too like the addition of RSS feeds, reviews, adding video etc. All good for engagement and creating more content on the list.
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  5. joana16

    joana16 New Member

    Correct, the possibilities with this change are innumerable which would make the system even more interesting.

    I would like to see also a Brazilian payment method using the pagseguro, in brazil we use this method more.
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