Biggest advantage to 'upgrading' to Visio?

Discussion in 'Pre Sales Questions' started by ryancbarnes, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. ryancbarnes

    ryancbarnes Member

    So I see that you've finally gotten the Aardvark up to commercial status! Congrats!

    I'm also wondering how long you guys will be around. I see that the Aardvark system has pretty much died off and become almost extinct. I'm nervous about upgrading to your script because I would rather not buy something and lose support / timely responses to questions/help I may need.

    I love the new features you've added (global blacklist, etc..) which will help keep spammers out.

    I would also like to know how many plugins are going to be modded over, or if the old ones will work with the new Visio?

    Also, one issue that I've noticed in the Aardvark script is that there is no 'yearly' averaging available out of the box, is that a feature now?

    Oh, and finally, the demo you've setup does not allow us to see the admin side of things. Without being able to see the admin side, it almost looks like you've created Aardvark 5.3 (6.0?)
  2. Mark
    • Staff

    Mark Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Ryan, thank for your feedback and comments.

    The "biggest advantage" of upgrading to VisioList might be the enhanced anti spam security, the flexible button options to lower server load, the more frequent release schedule, the plugin system to simplify the upgrades of lists with mods installed, or perhaps the new monetization options. Another advantage might be simply showing support for the people behind VisioList and there efforts to "do more".

    VisioList is indeed a commercial "fork" of Aardvark topsites intended to encourage further development and commercial grade support for all of us topsite owners. I have been working with Aardvark Tospites since 2004 or so, and thought there was a good opportunity for a paid solution in the marketplace at this time.. so hear we are.

    mods from osempire will be converted according to demand, most mods for ATS will work fine with VisioList, and in most cases are extremely easy to convert into VL plugins making core upgrades MUCH easier.

    Yearly average is not a feature, but it would be only a couple minutes work to add it.

    Demo is still bare minimum at this point, with no plugins, the older skin, and as you noted, lacking admin area access. Once we have the "grand opening", a more useful demo will be put online.

    If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask
  3. ryancbarnes

    ryancbarnes Member

    Mark, thanks for your reply! That's actually pretty helpful and explains quite a bit.

    Actually, the yearly thing would be sort of dumb... better to just use the overall. This would be because when you rank by yearly average, the last year of the average set would drop off, and potentially shatter the ranks if that particular year was really good for them... Same thing happens when you rank by average monthly.</tangent>

    I also would like to test this out on a 'pre-production' website that does not share the same URL as the intended host. Is that a problem? Is there a fee for more than one site license?

    When do you plan on having the 'grand opening'?
  4. Mark
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    Mark Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Ryan, You are free to install VisioList on any domain you like, there is no fee for running it on more than 1 site. I do ask that folks using it on more than 3 consider buying another license but its not a requirement.
  5. ryancbarnes

    ryancbarnes Member

    Okay, awesome.

    Also, you said skins should transfer over as well?
  6. Mark
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    Mark Administrator Staff Member

    Aardvark skins are fairly easy to transfer to VisioList but they do require a few new templates and tags to be added. This is a service we can do for a small fee for those without the required HTML experience.
  7. ryancbarnes

    ryancbarnes Member

    Updates, after the 1 year deal, how much will future updates cost me?
  8. Mark
    • Staff

    Mark Administrator Staff Member

    $29 per year for member area access
  9. ryancbarnes

    ryancbarnes Member

    You mentioned small fee for theme merging... how small are we talking? :p
  10. Mark
    • Staff

    Mark Administrator Staff Member

    I would say $15 to convert a theme from Aardvark To Visiolist
  11. ryancbarnes

    ryancbarnes Member

    Oh, well that's not so bad after all! :) This VisioList is looking better and better every time I look at it.

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