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Discussion in 'Pre Sales Questions' started by Mike.Dallas, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. Mike.Dallas

    Mike.Dallas Member

    Just wish to ask if there is already the "callback" function implemented in Core or if exists as plugin.
    That's becasue all game hoster are searcheing vor Callback to avoit players vote cheeting.

  2. Basti
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    Basti Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, a plugin
    Here you can see the explanation page, its from this plugin
  3. Mike.Dallas

    Mike.Dallas Member

    Thank you for the fast answer, because a good working Callback function is actually a very important decision of customers to subscribe to
    a toplist, to avoid to be rewarded without voting properly.
  4. Basti
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    Basti Administrator Staff Member

    I personally am not even a fan of a callback, this results in "forced" votes. These people usually not visit other sites of your list, because they just want their reward for voting
    Also usually less backlinks, since this requires logged in user data on voting link on the website where button is placed, which searchengines mostly have no access to, resulting in less backlinks for you

    But, each their own :)
  5. Mike.Dallas

    Mike.Dallas Member

    The matter of fact is this:
    Most Vote&Reward scripts rewarded already, even if captcha is not full filed, so the voter is not loosing his time to complete the captcha, because his is already rewarded with
    a valid vote.
    But, the most of the game hosters are not interested on fake votes, they need to progress on on toplists, without cheating the votes.
    Their interest is to have many real votes to get on the top.

    That is the reason that many game hosters, their popularity depends on toplists, will search always a toplist with callback
    to avoid fake votes.
  6. cajkan

    cajkan Active Member

    Hello Mike,

    Basti rule - " no matter how much you protect, cheaters will find a way to cheat ".

    Even most popular websites getting cheated and no one can do anything about it.
    There are few things you can do:
    • Warn the owner that if they continue to cheat they will be removed from the toplist
    • Reset their votes
    • You can use google analytics and other tracking websites so you can detect which one is cheating

    I hope this helps
  7. Basti
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    Basti Administrator Staff Member

    lol, had to smile reading this :rolleyes:
  8. Mike.Dallas

    Mike.Dallas Member

    It seem that you are missing the point :)
    Not the owner is cheating, but the community who vote for a reward.
    He just click the vote link and without to complete the captcha, he close the toplist, because the votescript has already rewarded.
    If the toplist supports callbacks, the vote script can be modified to reward just if the captcha was solved and the callback do his job,
    otherwise no fake vote and no reward.

    Just a example:

    [2015-07-15 09:49] [OK] Valid callback:
    [2015-07-15 09:49] [Parameter] Postback parameter: 2
    [2015-07-15 09:55] [OK] Valid callback:
    [2015-07-15 09:55] [Parameter] Postback Player/Player ID: /2
    [2015-07-15 09:57] [OK] Valid callback:
    [2015-07-15 09:57] [Parameter] Postback Player/Player ID: randanplan/2 
    If you can see, there is also little issue that the toplists does not send the same postbacks.
    First: Postback parameter: 2
    Second: Postback Player/Player ID: /2
    Third: Postback Player/Player ID: randanplan/2
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