Automatic Upgrades!

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  1. Mark
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    Mark Administrator Staff Member

    With the release of VisioList 1.0 licensed customers can keep their sites up to date and secure without any extra effort!

    - no more downloading the zip file, extracting it, and uploading the bundle to your server!

    - our upgrade server connects direct to your server via FTP and uploads the new core files on demand.

    - enjoy faster transfers, often taking only seconds and requiring no further action from you.

    - super secure and super simple.

    - customized your site? no problem, be sure and use plugins and child templates to separate your work from the core files.

    more info coming soon :)
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  2. PPNSteve

    PPNSteve PPN Top 50

    awesome.... lets hope this works well - or at least as well as ohhh lets say word press :)
  3. cajkan

    cajkan Active Member

    Yeah, this feature would be great for all webmasters.
    Also will stop the users who dont have buyed licence, i think VL worths more then 30$.
  4. Mark
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    Mark Administrator Staff Member

    Well Wordpress has the advantage of being free so we can't FTP in that direction (we go from here to your account instead), but yes the idea is the same :)
  5. eniyiklanlar

    eniyiklanlar New Member

    I am new member.I is very good script

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