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Discussion in 'Core Feature Requests' started by morrigan, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. morrigan
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    morrigan I put the "Cute" in "execute"!

    While I know this is easily gotten around, so is the IP logging. I think as an extra deterrent for vote cheating would be to set a cookie that expires at the vote reset time. While I know private browsing sessions and whatnot can easily get around this and allow proxies to still work I think that by adding this precaution it would make it more of a hassle for users to get around the system using these methods by either forcing them to clear their cookies a ton or to have to close and re-open private browsing sessions for each vote which will force them to go back to their proxy and back to the page that they were on.

    This would at least DOUBLE the time that it takes for someone to cheat around the system and be more annoying to do. Similar to a spam deterrent.

    This, or add an option for re-captcha on the vote page. It can be invisible re-captcha but I believe that there should be some better deterrents for avid cheaters.
  2. Mark
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    Mark Administrator Staff Member

    cookies are pointless for protection, all browsers have incognito mode, sadly, it wouldn't even double the time it takes to cheat :)

    re-captcha is an option (especially that modern invisible option), I know a few users have already added that... not sure if there is a plugin floating around it or not.
  3. Basti
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    Basti Administrator Staff Member

    Yea recaptcha helps, but if someone cheats, he does no matter what u do. Best to delete him.

    Im in the progress of adding more protection steps for a member, but no idea how long it will take.
    Lowers, stops a few, but my no means a all around method
    For now I could successfully stop a popular vote bot, which uses 2captcha to solve the captcha images, but custom bots still go around my protections.

    Not naming my protection steps here, to not make them public
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