VisioList 1.7


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Fresh Install Instructions

Upgrade Instructions - Basic
1) Take a backup of your files and database in case something goes wrong
2) Upload and replace all the files from the update bundle ( ) via FTP
3) Run from your browser.

Upgrade Instructions - Manual edits
If you upgrade from a version older 1.6, please check previous version upgrade instructions

1) To prevent cross site request forgery ( Thanks to cajkan hiring security expert ), we introduced a new system to prevent this attack.
1.1) open the following files edit_form.html, join_form_existing.html, premium_form.html, user_cp_upload_banner.html
- right below the form tag ( or anywhere within the form really, its a hidden input ) place the following tag
1.2) Open join_premium_review.html
- Find this link ( found 2 times ). Each 1 time in each form
Change that to the following
2) Since VisioList 1.6 pagination is in its own files. Now the search feature also makes use of these files to give a constant design
open search_results.html and delete ( maybe 2 times depending on your skin )
{$previous} | {$next}
2.1) In the same file place the pagination tag at the end of the file
2.2) Adjust your htaccess if you use clean url's
  • The following rule need to be updated. Replace the word "start" with "p". If you extended the search somehow and have custom rules, make sure to apply the same edit to them.
RewriteRule ^search/(.*)/(.*)/ index.php?a=search&start=$1&q=$2 [L]

3) Visiolist 1.6 already warned about deprecation of automatic join form placement which got generated using custom join forms in admin panel. Now with Visiolist 1.7, that is offically deprecated.
If you have done the following already with visiolist 1.6 upgrade, ignore it.
Failing to implement this change will result in invisible errors on your forms!
  • Delete the following tags within these templates
    • {$edit_website_extra} in edit_form.html
    • {$join_user_extra} and {$join_website_extra} in join_form.html
    • {$join_website_extra} in join_form_existing.html
  • If you use any plugin which adds stuff to forms, make sure to update them.
    • Plugins posted here on our resource page are updated to reflect this change since visiolist 1.6
  • Our plugins state the required tags on the resource page. But you can also look into admin -> custom forms
    • Collapse your form elements and add the required form tags as stated into the respective files

4) Mp4 did not autoplay on IOS. IOS need a specific tag so it works.

Open banner_mp4.html and add the following to the video tag
Or if you use a html5 theme, the following is enough
5) add this to your custom child theme to enable the unsubscribe from admin emails funtion
     <label for="unsubscribe"><input type="checkbox" name="unsubscribe" size="50" value="1" id="unsubscribe" {$unsubscribe_checked}/> {$lng->user_cp_unsubscribe}</label>
Upgrade Instructions - Plugins
1) Run a plugin update check, at the very least newest member plugin has been updated and is required to be updated
2) Does any of your custom plugins make use of the old _sites table column "join_date"?
- that column has been moved into the _stats table and your custom plugin need to changed to query from there instead

Important changes
  • Search pagination updated to match the ranking pagination
  • Pagination globally was missing next button when on the 2nd last page
  • Small adjustment to the inactive days feature. If you use the feature and turn it off later on, it now automatically puts all inactive members back to active. Reference thread:
  • Admin -> email members now supports template tags in subject and body. Eg. "hello {$username}"
  • Visiolist 1.6 already noted future deprecation of automatic placement of form elements, and in this version they are offically deprecated. Please the the update instructions for details
  • the check ban function is now case insentive
  • More security for admin and user area
  • Banner upload more fine tuned error handling
  • Third ranking order factor, in case many users share same stats, join date is applied, pushing newer servers ahead
  • Option to unsubscribe from admin email news and notifications has been added to the user control panel, by default all users are subscribed.