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Fresh Install Instructions

Upgrade Instructions
1) Take a backup of your files and database in case something goes wrong
2) Upload and replace all the files from the update bundle ( ) via FTP
3) Run from your browser
4) Normally you would run now an plugin update check from within admin panel. But due our new resourcee page for plugin, it would return old update check urls.
- We ask you to manually compare your plugin version to the version found in our resource manager for this update this time. That will ensure that your plugins will have the correct "plugin url" listed in their info file as well as any new update.
5) New templates, please copy them from parabola over to your skin .
- link_code_type_extra.html
- link_code_type_link.html
- link_code_type_rank.html
- link_code_type_static.html
- link_code_type_stats.html
- user_cp_upload_banner.html
6) link_code.html has also been edited. Added new tags for the link codes, most users should be safe if they just replace this file

Important Changes
  • Admin plugin page
    • Update check adjusted to query resource manager
  • Admin email members
    • "live update" fixed in IE
    • Extended inactive days filter to use: greater than, greater than or equal to, lower than, lower than or equal to, equal to
    • Ajax changed from GET to POST to prevent huge email lists to hit suhosin's GET length limit
  • Admin edit member
    • Premium and normal banner url now use both their own error handling
    • If premium banner url is left empty, it wrongly used normal banner url instead of submitting a NULL value
  • Admin delete member
    • Deleting a member now also removes his banner. Users using the "Banner Delete" plugin can safely remove said plugin. Thanks again to LemonisCool for providing a option for this feature until now!
  • Admin Settings
    • Removed deprecated setting for member description length. Can be controlled since several versions via optional length parameter for template tags: {$description, length=255}
  • Aardvark upgrader / Fresh Install
    • Fixes on some hosting environments
    • Now imports and creates english.php
    • Installer / Aardvark upgrader now creates the button_config.php file
  • Template related
    • Link codes now features own templates based on button type
    • User panel upload banner html now in own template
    • themes info.php and preview image ( jpg ) can be placed into child folder now to allow overrides. This is used in admin skins page
    • new template tag {$current_year} to be used in any template. Usefull for automated copyright years
    • {$this_period} template tag fix for overall ranking method, see ->
    • Email templates now work in skin child folder
  • Plugin Hook locations
    • New user control panel hook for the main user panel page "user_cp_main"
    • Old details.php hooks removed ( deprecated since 0.9 )
  • Spam prevention
    • If a site is pending approval, details page no longer work. This will discourage spammers hitting lists that may have lazy admins
  • Misc
    • validate functions in validate.php now also accept 0 ( zero ) as value without spitting an required error
    • header("Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8"); was missing in index.php and cron.php

As always please report any issues or bugs you may encounter.
And we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our loyal and new members, as we know, sometimes updates takes longer than we would like to!


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updated my sites without problems, thanks for this nice work <3
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hi Kelly, you must go from 0.8 -> 0.9 -> 1.0 first as there were significant changes in those versions. Then you should be able to go from 1.0 -> 1.3, but take a moment and read through the update instruction post for each version topic first just to make sure.